Carbon neutrality

In recent years, climate change has led to a number of natural disasters and climate problems are getting more serious. Environmentally conscious behavior is becoming an inevitable way of life  if we want to leave a livable planet for the future generations. The Sleepy brand has been producing unique products that care about nature and people since the first day they hit the market. We continue to develop our products on a daily basis and we are at the forefront of this world, but we know that we can still do a lot.

We have set ourselves a new goal - to achieve carbon neutrality!
Within the framework of the goal of carbon neutrality, we have implemented innovations in our production areas, supply chain and products. Among the target of these goals that we have set to ourselves, we are no longer only in the role of the final producer, but we are also involved in all production processes, starting from the sources of raw materials. We try to provide the environment and nature, meaning the world, with the care and love it needs. Moving in this direction, we have invested a total of € 380,000,000 in our production systems and € 230,000,000 in the finished product lines.

Being at the forefront of our industry's carbon neutrality program, we have upgraded all of our products. We have also given our unique products a new look. We chose 100% recyclable films for the packaging of our products and use only vegetable colors in our minimalist design.
• We have reduced logistics costs for 18,000 tonnes of raw materials by up to 1,000 km.
• We have saved 360,000 liters of diesel fuel, allowing 1,200 trucks to travel 1,200,000 km.
• As a result, we have avoided 9,176,870 kg of CO2 emissions per month and 110,122,440 kg carbon dioxide emissions per year. This figure is equal to the amount of CO2 emitted by 34,848 cars a year.
• The use of 24,000 wooden pallets and thus 8,409 tree cuttings.
• 720.000 kg of parcel usage and thus 6.480 tree cuttings.
• The use of 76,000 kg of plastic packaging material,
• 75.000 kg chemical solvent usage,
• 30.000.000 liters of water consumption,
• Turning 540.000 kg of raw material into waste

However, the point where we have reached is still not enough for us and we will continue to develop our products and systems as a part of our mission of carbon neutrality.

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